Holistic Nutrition isn't comenly known or understood, so let us explain what it is.
A Holistic Nutritionist is NOT the same as a dietician, and does NOT just give a diet prescription!
Holistic practitioners seek to identify the "root cause" of a problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. HOLISTIC = WHOLE, and pertains to creating balance & harmony within the WHOLE person and their WHOLE life. This includes body, mind, emotions, lifestyle, career, finances, relationships as well as spirituality. If one or more of these areas is out of balance, it will create problems in other areas. Thus the root causes of a problem must be identified and remedied for a complete and permanent solution. For example, if you suffer with insomnia, the holistic practitioner will seek to identify exactly WHY you can't sleep, and create a customized program for you to sleep soundly without sleeping pills. Another example, if you have gained weight, a holistic nutritionist will not just tell you what to eat, but rather identify the reasons why you are unable to loose weight. Bad habits will be identified and solutions presented based on modern psychology and human behaviour.

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