Hot Stone Therapy, Barrie, ON

Hot stone therapy in Barrie, ON can melt away your tension and stress while also helping you find relief from chronic pain.

Hot Stone TherapyWould you like to melt away your tension and stress? Would you like to ease your stiff muscles, increase your circulation, and enhance your metabolism? If so, we encourage you to try hot stone therapy. As part of our selection of massage treatments at Innisfil Wellness Centre, every hot stone massage therapy session promotes incredibly deep muscle relaxation through the use of heated stones that are placed on key points throughout the body.

Hot stone therapy is founded on the principle that the direct heat emitted from the stones during the massage gives the massage therapist greater access to deeper layers of muscle tissue. In addition, the use of the hot stones can encourage blood flow throughout the body, which can stimulate the healing process among those who struggle with chronic pain or injuries in Barrie, Ontario. We strongly recommend scheduling a hot stone massage at our wellness centre if you:

  • Struggle with persistent pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other chronic condition
  • Suffer from muscle spasms or chronic stress and tension
  • Would like to achieve easier mobility and movement or increase the flexibility of your joints
  • Want to ease the pain caused by strained and contracted muscles

Every one of our hot stone therapy sessions is conducted by one of our highly trained Registered Massage Therapists to ensure the best possible results. Hot stone massage is covered by most insurance companies, which we can direct bill on your behalf. To discover the many benefits of this form of massage therapy or to find out more about what each session includes, please contact us at Innisfil Wellness Centre today.


**Please note that we are taking every effort to keep our clinic clean and safe for everyone, including our staff and patients** We will be screening patients. If you have traveled internationally (last 14 days) and/or have had direct contact with a positive or probable case of COVID-19, please reschedule your appointment. If you have a high fever, cough and shortness of breath (cold-like) please contact us via phone or email to determine if your appointment with us needs to be rescheduled or need to be referred to your medical doctor or hospital for further investigation. If none of these apply to you, there is no need for concern and your appointment will remain unchanged.