Kinesiology Taping, Barrie, ON

After suffering an injury in Barrie, ON, kinesiology taping can provide your muscles with additional support to accelerate the healing process.

Kinesiology TapingLiving an active lifestyle, you enjoy the feeling of moving your body and pushing yourself whenever you play sports, hike up a mountain, or simply go on a slow jog at the end of a long day. However, despite the many benefits associated with maintaining your body’s physical function, there may come a day when your muscles need added support.

If you recently suffered an athletic injury or struggle with chronic pain, we may recommend kinesiology taping as part of your treatment plan here at Innisfil Wellness Centre. Kinesiology taping can be used for a variety of physical and athletic disorders and is designed to accelerate the healing process, as well as provide your muscles with additional support.

The tape we use is not like the tape you would use to get a package ready to ship or to fix a torn piece of paper. Rather, in terms of elasticity and thickness, it is nearly identical to human skin. This prevents restriction of movement and binding as you move your body throughout the day. In many cases, you can wear the kinesiology tape for several days at a time, providing your muscles with the constant support they need to continue the healing process.

If you would like to explore the many benefits of kinesiology taping or find out more about why it is such an effective treatment method following athletic injuries, please contact us Innisfil Wellness Centre today. We are proud to serve patients in the Barrie, Ontario area.


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