Ultrasound Therapy, Barrie, ON

Ultrasound therapy is a treatment modality that can promote your self-healing process in Barrie, ON.

Ultrasound TherapyIf you suffer from chronic pain, whether it be in your back, neck, legs, or anywhere else in your body, you may be desperate to find any kind of relief. If you would like to reduce your dependence on traditional medications and promote the self-healing process, we encourage you to explore the many benefits of ultrasound therapy.

Ultrasound therapy is one treatment modality we use at our wellness centre that involves using the head of an ultrasound probe and applying it directly onto the skin. During the session, ultrasound waves are generated, passing through the skin and making their way into the local soft tissues. Depending on your personal situation, the intensity of the ultrasound can be adjusted.

The purpose of each ultrasound therapy session is to increase local blood flow near injured areas, reducing swelling and chronic inflammation. In many cases, this type of therapy has been proven to increase healing rates, scar tissue breakdown, tissue relaxation, and tissue heating. Although many chronic injuries may benefit from ultrasound therapy, our patients who suffer from the effects muscle and ligament injuries most often see the best results from this treatment modality.

At Innisfil Wellness Centre, we are here to help you achieve greater wellbeing from the inside out, whether it be through ultrasound therapy or another one of the many services we provide in the Barrie, Ontario area. Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can help you overcome your pain and discomfort and live a healthier, more fulfilling life.