What You Should Know Before Scheduling Your First Physiotherapy Appointment

Before going to your first physiotherapy appointment, you may not even really know what physiotherapy means. This is one of the fastest-growing segments of the medical world, but it might feel less familiar to most people than the work of most medical doctors. The goal of physiotherapy is to help you restore or maintain mobility, bodily function and your overall well-being. A course of treatment might involve rehabilitation, advice to prevent or decrease the likelihood of future injury and to increase overall fitness safely.

Physiotherapy focuses on how the human body moves and finding the true underlying cause of an injury, not just treating the symptoms or pain caused by the issue. When you come for your first appointment, it will be very important to come with your complete medical history. This will help with any assessments or diagnoses that inform your treatment plan and long-term goals. You may be directed to complete a course of exercises or receive an assistive device to help you reach your goals.

Plan on your first appointment taking longer than future appointments probably will. First will come a consultation so that your physiotherapist can get a complete picture of your medical history. Next will probably come a physical exam. There may be tests that need to occur or scans like x-rays or others to inform your physiotherapists further.

There are many reasons to consult a physiotherapist. This means that your course of treatment will be unique to you, your medical history and the nature of your needs. Here at Innisfil Wellness Centre, we are committed to improving your wellness with a variety of services. We even offer direct billing to reduce your out-of-pocket costs while receiving physiotherapy, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture and more.