What to Know Before Your First Osteopathy Visit

Osteopathy is one of the newer treatment options available to you and it is one of the fastest growing areas of medicine for a good reason. Osteopathy focuses on drug-free, non-invasive manual (hands-on) therapy like massage and movement treatments. The goal of osteopathy is to improve your overall health by both manipulating and strengthening your musculoskeletal framework.

The whole-body focus of osteopathy emphasizes the health of your joints, muscles and spine as key to your overall health. It may be an effective solution for both acute and chronic problems. It is a treatment option for those suffering from arthritis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, back and neck pain, headaches, posture problems, sleep issues, and even digestive problems.

If you have never been to an osteopathy appointment, you may be wondering what to expect. Here are some things to know before you schedule your first appointment:

  • Consultation: Expect your first visit to be fairly long. It will start with a discussion about your medical history, your current issues that need to be addressed and your wellness goals.
  • Exam: Once the consultation is complete, it will be time for a complete physical exam. This may involve some stretching, gentle pressure and resistance work to fully assess your physical state. It may also involve some scans like x-rays or other work needed for diagnosis.
  • Diagnosis: Once the exam is complete and the results of scans are examined, it will be time for a diagnosis.
  • Treatment plan: You will get a chance to discuss treatment options. Once you have agreed on a course of treatment, you may start right away.
  • After your visit: It is possible that you may experience an increase in soreness for 24 to 48 hours after treatment, but it will usually improve shortly.

To learn more about osteopathy or schedule a consultation, give us a call here at Innisfil Wellness Centre. With a wide range of services, including osteopathy and convenient options like direct billing, we want to help you meet your long-term wellness goals.