We Have Registered Massage Therapists to Help Relieve Your Pain

At Innisfil Wellness Centre, we are serious about helping to make sure your overall health and wellbeing are addressed. We offer a variety of services, including deep tissue massage by registered massage therapists. With massage therapy being no exception, direct billing is provided for over 14 insurance companies. Feel free to ask if your insurance is on the list!

Our four registered massage therapists have each earned RHPA (regulated by the government), completed education at a recognized school of massage therapy, and completed at least the required clinical hours to earn the RHPA. A registered massage therapist can not only give you a variety of massages, including deep tissue massage to help heal injuries and alleviate pain long term, but they can also educate you on the various massage techniques, propose a treatment plan for you based on your range of motion, and provide information on techniques you can use on your own at home to help progress with your care.

Deep tissue massage can help you reduce your pain by helping you to achieve a deeper state of relaxation. It may be uncomfortable at times to work through injuries, but this is not always the case. Deep tissue includes layers of muscles lower down and soft connective tissues in the body and skin called fascia. Warm lotion or oil is generally used to relax the upper layers and allow the massage to penetrate deeper into the tissues of the body. It’s important for you as the client to consciously work with the massage therapist rather than resisting the massage, which can be a natural tendency for some. Your registered massage therapist may try several techniques in order to work with you on this front. Deep tissue massage is the perfect treatment for chronic pain, long-term recovery from severe injuries, and getting rid of painful “knots” in your muscles.