our registered massage therapy is here to help you

Injuries and a stationary daily routine are just a couple of reasons you may be suffering from a loss of range of motion. But our four registered massage therapists can help restore your range of motion through registered massage therapy techniques. They have each earned RHPA (regulated by the government), completed education at a recognized school of massage therapy, and completed at least the required clinical hours to earn the RHPA. A registered massage therapist can not only given you a variety of massages, including deep tissue massage to help heal injuries and alleviate pain long term, but they can also educate you on the various massage techniques, propose a treatment plan for you based on your range of motion, and provide information on techniques you can use on your own at home to help progress with your care.

Deep tissue massage in particular focuses on “adhesions” within the soft tissues of the body. More commonly termed “knots,” these areas of tissue are out of alignment, rigid, disrupt circulation, and therefore tend to cause pain and limited movement. After a deep tissue massage, it is important to hydrate and rest to achieve full efficacy. Stretching after a massage can also help improve motion and decrease any pain or muscle aches that may occur afterwards.

We care very much about your overall health and well-being, and our registered massage therapy is here to help you with your wellness goals, including improving your flexibility and restoring your range of motion to your neck, back, legs, and feet. Let us know if you are interested in exploring the possibility of using registered massage therapy to help you. And, as always, direct billing is available to you for this treatment at Innisfil Wellness Centre. Ask us if your health care provider is on our list.