PhysiotherapyExperiencing pain or loss of mobility due to trauma, disease, surgery or illness can make you feel as though life will never be the same. Sometimes the body heals on its own, although it can take quite a while to do so. Other times, or if you want to get back to enjoying your life sooner, the best thing to do is schedule physiotherapy sessions.

The goal of physiotherapy is to improve your ability to move and do so with limited pain. While medical professionals used to believe that most injuries benefited from being kept immobile, more recent research indicates that controlled movements can be far more favourable to more timely healing. Through professional physiotherapy, you could not only reduce the pain you are experiencing, but also be back to normal far sooner. In addition, you are less likely to have residual problems, which can arise when the body does not heal properly.

In addition to issues resulting from some form of trauma, physiotherapy is also beneficial for dealing with conditions related to aging or atrophies from a sedentary lifestyle. Getting back on track through a personalized physiotherapy exercise program can improve your quality of life and prevent problems related to poor muscle tone.

If you are dealing with pain or mobility issues, or just do not feel as limber as you would like to be, give us a call at Innisfil Wellness Centre. We provide the Barrie, Ontario area with highly individualized physiotherapy treatment options, so you can regain your health. For your convenience, we offer direct billing.