Massage TherapyJust as the proverbial snowball grows as it rolls downhill, having pain in your body can continue to grow into something that is hard to endure. It isn’t just an addiction response for pain medication to lessen in its ability to control the pain; it can also be because the body’s natural reaction to pain can begin a chain reaction where tightened muscles lead to more pain. Sometimes this pain can even spring up in places far from where the initial pain began. This type of chronic pain can often be alleviated or reduced through professional massage therapy.

The reason that massage therapy is useful in this situation is because, through relaxation techniques, the added pain is eliminated, and this gives your body the chance to focus on healing the initial area of pain. In addition, massage therapy increases blood flow, which can aid in healing, as well. So not only does massage therapy help to avoid the chain reaction, but it can also be a major part of your recovery.

Massage therapy is helpful for a number of other pain issues besides chronic pain, too, such as tension migraines, headaches, and injuries. Rather than take pain medications that do not get to the actual cause of the pain, through massage therapy, you can get real relief so your pain will not return.

If you are dealing with pain, whether chronic or not, call us at Innisfil Wellness Centre. We offer massage therapy, as well as other services including chiropractic, physiotherapy, and acupuncture, which are ideal for getting you on the road to health and living pain-free. For your convenience, we offer direct billing.