hands in hot stone therapy massage

If you have been using massage therapy and are wondering if hot stone therapy is right for you, here are a few aspects of hot stone therapy versus other types of massage therapy for you to consider:

  • Hot basalt stones are used instead of hands in hot stone therapy massage. The stones can access deeper tissues faster than deep tissue massage, but this method is more limited in versatility, such as which areas of the body can be worked on with the hot stone therapy when compared with a deep tissue massage.
  • Deep tissue massage also traditionally incorporates Swedish massage techniques in between injury treatments, which gives a positive and relaxing feeling in addition to the therapy being provided. Swedish massage techniques can also be used while the stones are in place or after they have been removed, but not while stones are used to perform the massage.
  • Hot stone therapy has a typical duration of 60 – 90 minutes.
  • A variety of hot stones are used in the hot stone therapy, and areas that can be treated well by massaging directly with the stones as part of the hot stone therapy include the back and the face.
  • The temperature of the stones used is carefully controlled and stones are generally placed as follows: Large stones along the spine, in the palms, or on legs/abdomen/feet, and small stones between toes or on the forehead.

We care very much about your overall health and well-being. Let us know if you are interested in exploring the possibility of using hot stone therapy to help you. And, as always, direct billing is available to you for this treatment at Innisfil Wellness Centre.