healing and prevention process through massage therapy

With so many of us leading busy lives with very little downtime, many people have developed issues with muscle tightness that can lead to other problems. Muscle tightness in your back and shoulders from extensive sitting at a desk can lead to pain in your hips and even tension headaches. While you could pop a few pain relievers and hope for the best, a better and more long-term solution can come through a different form: massage therapy.

Regular visits with a massage therapist can help to alleviate pain and speed healing in all sorts of areas, including the neck, back, joints, headaches, feet and more. Because massage therapy helps to loosen muscles and deliver more healing blood flow into the injured areas, you can expect to not only enjoy the process of massage therapy but enjoy the healing after-effects as well.

Here at Innisfil Wellness Centre, we have four massage therapists on our massage therapy staff who are ready and able to help you with a whole host of problems that can be helped with massage therapy. Because our wellness centre has many different disciplines, you can even combine your beneficial massage therapy session with chiropractic care or fitting for orthotics and compression stockings. All of these things alone can be helpful, but many disciplines working together at Innisfil Wellness Centre can help you with the healing process.

At Innisfil Wellness Centre, we want to help you with healing and prevention process through massage therapy. We offer direct billing to our patients, which enables easy billing and no out-of-pocket charges for you! To learn more about massage therapy and its advantages, contact us at Innisfil Wellness Centre.