Hot stone therapy is not typically painful

Hot stone therapy is a common practice during a massage. Hot, smooth river stones are heated and placed strategically to enhance your massage experience. If you are nervous about your masseuse using hot stones, here is everything you need to know about hot stone therapy.

  • Benefits – Hot stones add comfort and relaxation to your massage. If you often feel chilly during massages, hot stones provide warmth. Additionally, the warmth relaxes your muscles, allowing your masseuse to work your muscles without harsh pressure. It’s common for hot stone therapy to help with conditions such as anxiety, back pain, depression, and insomnia.
  • Placement – A masseuse will place hot stones in the following common areas; along your spine, legs, feet, palms, and abdomen. Your masseuse may apply oil and glide the hot stones along your muscles.
  • Is it Painful? – Hot stone therapy is not typically painful. The hot stones are warmed through a professional stone heater so the temperature of the stones can be controlled and won’t get too hot. If you feel the stones are too hot on your skin, and you begin to feel uncomfortable, notify your masseuse immediately.
  • Is it Safe? – Hot stone therapy is considered very safe. However, it’s not for everyone. Pregnant women and children are not advised to have hot stone therapy. Additionally, if you have any underlying conditions, you should consult with your doctor.

We hope this information will help you prepare for your hot stone therapy. At Innisfil Wellness Centre, we offer a number of wellness services in addition to hot stone therapy. We also offer direct billing at your convenience. Contact us today for more information!