Did You Know You Have These Choices During Massage Therapy?

If you’ve decided to try your first massage therapy session, you may be excited about the possibility of relief for tired and sore muscles. Many first-time massage therapy clients don’t totally know what to expect from a session, but the truth is that you have more control over how it goes than you might think.

Here are some choices you have during a massage appointment that you can use as needed:

  • Comfort with Clothing- When you go to a massage appointment, the purpose is to be leave more comfortable than you left. What you may not know, however, is that you should feel comfortable during your entire visit! That might mean you need to discuss with your massage therapist your level of comfort when it comes to removing your clothing. Massage therapists are trained to work on the human body both clothed and unclothed, so you can undress to your level of comfort to ensure you enjoy your session fully.
  • Areas to Work On- While a massage therapy session can be about relaxing tired muscles all over your body, you may have a specific area where you want to find relief. Your massage therapist should ask you if you have any specific areas on your body that you want to target, but you can always choose something more specific if they haven’t asked you… or you can change your mind mid-massage!
  • Length of Time- Most massages are about an hour long, and the way you use the time is up to you! It’s your session, after all. You can discuss with your massage therapist if you’d like to spend a certain amount of time more or less on one area before going to others. Additionally, you might like to extend your massage to 90 minutes to ensure that you achieve complete relaxation during your visit.

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