Naturopath in Barrie & Innisfil, Ontario

While at this time, the medical community at large doesn’t recognize a cure for Crohn’s disease, there is growing evidence that there are effective ways to slow the progression of this disease and manage its severe symptoms. One of the problems with this disease is that it can interfere with absorbing key nutrients from food and disrupt digestion, which can lead to malnutrition and other problems. A study completed in 2017 in India found that by implementing naturopathic lifestyle changes, more than half of those in the study enjoyed better health and roughly a quarter of them were able to eliminate their chronic and acute symptoms. The study incorporated yoga, meditation, and toxin removal, among other lifestyle changes.

It is known that naturopathy, which utilizes several different modalities, can provide overall health improvement. The goal is to remove obstacles that are keeping the body from healing itself. While it hasn’t been conclusive that a naturopath can completely cure Crohn’s disease, the study does indicate there is hope in this regard. If you or someone you care about suffers from Crohn’s disease, it is certainly worth investigating further.

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