Hot Stone Therapy

Stress is part of being a human, but stress has been linked to an increase in many diseases and disorders. Stress makes injuries to your body more likely and increases recovery times. While we may not be able to make your job-related or other stress go away, we can help you release it and combat its return with massage therapy and other services, like acupuncture.

If you are ready to take your massage to the next level, hot stone therapy may be the way to go. The direct heat of hot stone therapy allows your muscles to relax more fully, which will allow your massage therapist to manipulate even deeper layers of muscle tissue, improving overall results. It also expands blood vessels, increasing circulation. Hot stone therapy is sometimes seen as a new development, but really it has been around since ancient times. It dates back at least 3,500 years. During hot stone therapy, you will not just be covered in stones and left alone. The stones will be used in conjunction with pressure and massage oils to achieve amazing results.

Most people are good candidates for hot stone therapy, but you should NOT get it if:

  • You have a muscle injury. The heat and manipulation can aggravate the injury and make it worse, extending healing time.
  • You have open wounds (sores) or a skin rash.
  • You are pregnant. Temperature increases can be dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn child.
  • You don’t enjoy it. Never hesitate to tell your therapist if something is uncomfortable or unpleasant for you.