It is a widely acknowledged truth that winter can cause depression. Cold temperatures and winter weather keep people indoors and away from the sun. There are also fewer hours of sunlight each day, and the UV level is reduced. In certain areas, it may be overcast for much of the winter, increasing the effect of this seasonal depression. If you find yourself in a slump this winter, or if you want to prevent the winter blues from taking hold, consider acupuncture to reduce stress and increase your sense of well-being.

Acupuncture has been around longer than humans have been writing and keeping their own history. While originally part of Chinese and eastern medicine, this procedure has been gaining acceptance by more and more people all over the world, including traditional medical doctors. Many people know that acupuncture involves needles, but they don’t really know anything about it beyond that simple fact.

Here are some of the best reasons to consider acupuncture in the winter season:

  • For some people, acupuncture increases their energy by improving their sleep and relieving their tension. Better sleep and less stress increase overall well-being.
  • When acupuncture is combined with herbal supplements, it can improve immune function. It can help you stay healthier all winter long, when people tend to get sick more often because of being indoors so much. When you are sick, it can help shorten your illness and reduce your symptoms.
  • Stress increases the chances of getting sick, negatively affects sleep and can contribute to more serious diseases and disorders. Acupuncture battles all of this by relieving stress quickly and effectively.