3 Things to Do After You See a Chiropractor

If you’ve made the decision to see a chiropractor, you may be looking forward to the treatment so your body feels and operates better. Seeing the chiropractor can help for numerous reasons and for all kinds of physical ailments. The thing is, after your chiropractic visit, you want to make sure you do a few important things to ensure that your visit will have lasting effects. Your chiropractor should be able to direct you as to the best approach for your care.

  1. Rest – Sometimes after a chiropractic treatment, the best thing to do is rest! Depending on the treatment area and the severity of your discomfort and need for adjustment, allowing your body time to readjust to its more natural state can take time. Resting is also an ideal time to take advantage of cold laser therapy and other methods to reduce swelling or temporary pain related to your area of treatment.
  2. Stretch – In some instances, your chiropractor may give you specific stretches to do to ensure your treatment provides lasting relief. If your skeletal system has been out of alignment for some time, your muscles have learned to compensate, and you may feel some discomfort afterwards. Following any directions related to stretching is a good idea after an adjustment.
  3. Move – One other option that may be helpful to you after an adjustment is to move. This will help get blood flowing through your body, which is one of the fastest ways to help your body heal itself. Ask your chiropractor for recommended movements to do and those you should avoid directly following treatment.

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