Regular massage therapy has been found to lower blood pressure in many individuals

Massage therapy has become an increasingly popular method used for stress relief, pain reduction, relaxation, and may other purposes. With such a wide variety of applications for massage therapy, many individuals have experienced the benefits of this practice. While there are many benefits associated with massage therapy, here are three specific benefits that are key for many people.

1.   Relaxing. It is normal for many people to feel tension in the body and muscles due to stress, but if this is not resolved, the body may experience some negative side effects like weight gain, sleeplessness, digestive problems, headaches, and more. Loosening muscles promotes great relaxation in the body, which leads to health benefits such as improved mood, less stress, and lasting relaxation.

2.   Lowering blood pressure. Regular massage therapy has been found to lower blood pressure in many individuals. For those with a chronic blood pressure problem, massage can help decrease the risk of more serious health problems like heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, and many others.

3.   Improving circulation. When blood is circulating well throughout your body, your entire body benefits. If your muscles are sore, tense, or injured, a rich blood supply will help them heal and work properly. Because of better circulation, you may notice you feel less stressed and more relaxed as well.

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