3 Benefits of Kinesiology Taping

If you’re an athlete or are familiar with chronic muscle pain, you might also be familiar with kinesiology taping. Kinesiology tape can be applied to the skin to slightly lift the skin away from sore joints or muscles and reduce pain and irritation. Here are some of the benefits of kinesiology taping.

  1. Non-restrictive:  When you hear the word tape, you might think that kinesiology tape is supposed to be tough and plastic-like in the same way that regular tape is, but that isn’t the case. Instead, it’s made of a cotton and nylon blend that makes it more like a second skin in terms of elasticity and thickness. Rather than being restrictive, kinesiology tape offers you free range of motion as it stretches with your body. It’s comfortable and water resistant, so you can wear it for a few days at a time if needed.
  2. Accelerates the healing process: Kinesiology taping applies just the right amount of pressure while also lifting the skin just barely away from injured muscles and joints to accelerate the healing process. This helps increase circulation and reduce swelling to give your muscles and joints the right environment to heal.
  3. Relieves sore muscles: If you’re an athlete or are regularly active, you’re likely familiar with sore muscles. Kinesiology taping can give you constant support for those muscles to reduce the pain and prevent cramping or over-extension. Kinesiology tape can even help improve your posture with its muscle support abilities.

Kinesiology taping is one of our preferred solutions for athletic injuries or other muscle pain therapy here at Innisfil Wellness Centre. We even offer direct billing for additional convenience. If you’re interested in learning more about this taping process or more benefits, feel free to give us a call.