3 Benefits of Acupuncture

Whether you are seeking relief from an injury or chronic condition, or if you simply want to be proactive about your health, our team at Innisfil Wellness Centre is here to help. We offer a comprehensive array of services designed to offer you the effective support and relief you need. One of those services is acupuncture, and in this article, we’ll go over three of the great benefits that it offers in order to help you decide if it’s right for you.

  1. Stress Relief- One key benefit that acupuncture can provide is reduced stress. This treatment has been shown to lower the level of stress hormones in a patient’s system, which helps to relieve the physical symptoms associated with high stress, as well as helping to regulate mood and reduce feelings of anxiety.
  2. Pain Reduction- Another benefit of acupuncture is reduced pain levels. If you experience pain from standing all day, extended keyboard use, or any other stressor, acupuncture treatment can provide the relief you are looking for. This treatment can significantly reduce swelling and inflammation without the use of drugs.
  3. Migraine Prevention- A third benefit that acupuncture can provide is migraine and headache prevention. For many people, these symptoms are caused at least in part by tension in the head and neck, which acupuncture can help alleviate, thus reducing the occurrence of headaches and migraines.

If you are interested in trying acupuncture for yourself, we encourage you to give our team a call. We provide direct billing for all of our services, saving you time and the need to pay out of pocket.